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Named an “oracle of remote work” by CNBC and featured in The Forbes Future of Work 50, Darren is a recognized visionary in organizational design. He leads at the intersection of people operations, marketing, and strategic communication.

Whether you've led teams for years or find yourself plunked into a workforce transformation, plotting strategy to build your unique future of work is essential to long-term success. Darren's 15+ years of in-office, hybrid, and remote work leadership will meet you where you are.

Let's collaborate to take charge of your future, build operational infrastructure, and create inspiration that drives action.

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Darren holds a Guinness World Record in publishing, and authored GitLab’s Remote Playbook and “Living the Remote Dream: A Guide To Seeing the World, Setting Records, and Advancing Your Career.” A curated list of featured coverage is below.

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  • "The future of work will be defined by the future of living.

    As individuals shift to optimize their lives for living as opposed to a commutable distance from an office, they'll prioritize elements such as nature, community, and proximity to family. These shifts will redefine how we collaborate, informally communicate, and drive results, creating product-market fit for new tools and technologies that are purpose built for global teams.

    This will drive greater recognition and reliance on

    asynchronous workflows, employers who enable culture to be built outside of the workplace, and greater geographic diversity.

    It will force us to communicate with more empathy and richer context. It will enable clearer thinking and more avenues for feedback. It will facilitate more inclusive workplaces, where introverts and extroverts are able to contribute naturally while advancing their careers."

    Darren Murph in Remote’s 2022 Influencer Report
  • "The most recent adaptation of remote work exposed the world to the power of location independence. The next frontier is far more powerful — time independence — which is only unlocked when progress is decoupled from linear time.

    For every company insisting on a return to office, there’s a company with no physical headquarters. For every team suffering through meeting overload, there’s a team recording their meetings to be watched later at 1.5x speed. For every founder based in a “tech hub” city, there are a hundred others in cities, towns and villages around the world.

    Those who succeed in the next decade will have an iterative mindset, an empowered team, and a bias for action. Change happens slowly, then suddenly."

    Darren Murph in Qatalog x GitLab’s Killing Time at Work Report

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