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We’ve spent a decade building, writing, and living in the journalism sector. We know what journalists love, loathe, and are indifferent about. We’ve reviewed all manners of technology, from consumer electronics to B2B software platforms, and we know what consumers will react to. Focus groups and surveys only tell part of the story — we provide the intangibles, the gut reaction that’s only accessible to those who have been a member of the media you’re trying to reach.


Darren Murph, Page 52’s founder and CEO, understands the truth of what it takes to get media traction. A no-nonsense, brutally honest approach to what risks are worthwhile, what exclusives are worth giving out, and what the press actually sees in your pitch.

For agencies and consultancies: Please feel free to reach out directly for contract opportunities. Page 52 would love to work alongside of you to further the interests and impact of your client roster.

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Our Services

How we work is just as important as what we do

Pre-Review: Product Design + Strategy

We’ve spent a decade in the depths of the technology universe, learning the nuances of what resonates, what doesn’t, and what you need to do in order to create a product or service that’ll sell.

We understand the truth of the consumer marketplace. We know what gets traction, and vitally, what doesn’t. We know what products are stories unto themselves, and we provide actionable intel to companies looking to create a product or service that soars.

We’ve worked alongside artists, engineers, and usability experts. We know what works, and we’ll tell you. For those with a prototype or pre-release product in hand, we offer pre-review services that will provide a blueprint of what to expect from critics — we’ll create a full product review, suggestions on features to emphasize (and deemphasize), and a recommended launch strategy.

Content: Creation and Outreach

Most of the content created by brands falls flat, generates little to no traction, and serves as a poor representation of a client’s true intentions. By default, most clients will err to the side of self-promotion and advertorial, when in reality, consumers and media alike simply want real humans with real passions telling real stories.

The secret to amazing content is unlocking what’s most genuine about your brand, product, or offering. We’re experts at deciphering between the fluff and the facts, and every piece of content we create for you will be a piece you can hang your hat on.

We offer executive speechwriting, thought leadership, and branded storytelling that connects. If you can imagine the kinds of incredible stories that await your organization if a seasoned journalist were let loose inside of your walls, you’re capable of envisioning the kind of magic Page 52 can unlock for you.

Marketing: Native Advertising and Beyond

What does your audience look like? Who are you hoping     to connect with? What’s the goal of your marketing?

We sit down on a personal level to fully immerse       ourselves in a client’s business. We get to know a      business on a granular level, digging deep to uncover answers to questions like the above. Once there’s a full picture and a clear roadmap, we’ll leverage our extensive network of media and advertising contacts to get your offering in front of the right eyeballs. Moreover, we’ll help you craft pristine, impossible-to-ignore advertising that’s used as a benchmark for the rest of the industry.

We’ve partnered with the most visible, widely read publications in the industry in order to tell our client’s stories in a way that makes sense. The expectations of marketing has changed, and we’re here to make sure your story is seen, heard, and respected.

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