• Darren Murph in Big Bend National Park

    Who Is Darren,

Rural Roots, Global Ambition

I grew up in rural North Carolina, working on farms, goofing off in Boy Scouts, and building world-class pinewood derby cars with my pop. A penchant for all-things DIY led to a life of tinkering, which led to an obsession with great storytelling, which somehow led to a Guinness World Record in publishing.

650+ Flights Flown
6.5M+ Words Published
10+ Years Worked Remotely
48 U.S. National Parks Visited

I went on to complete my MBA at Campbell University while holding down a day job at Nortel Networks and a freelance gig with Engadget. Eventually, I made a career out of writing, traversing the globe to cover some of the planet’s most exciting product launches.

Today, I work with global clients to shape marketing, communications, and messaging. Further, I work with product teams to shape the future of what’s coming next based on what consumers want. The intersection between storytelling and business goals is where I’ve found my home.

My dog, Gangster, is at home pretty much anywhere.

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During my 7.5 year career at Engadget, I saw traffic DOUBLE, the amount of live event coverage QUADRUPLE, and its reach grow tremendously. It became the Official Online News Source and publisher of the ‘Best of CES awards’ for the world’s most prestigious consumer electronics trade show.

As Managing Editor, I hired and trained over 20 members of our editorial team. I also co-developed ENGADGET EXPAND, a conference that mixes breaking news and interviews with a show floor experience that’s open to the public. I’ve hosted two instructional courses at CreativeLive, one on blogging and another on working remotely.

I’ve authored three books, two of which are sure to help you overcome the debilitating fear felt when opening a new iPhone or iPad. The latest, LIVING THE REMOTE DREAM, is my proudest work. It’s part autobiography, part how-to guide on how to leave the office behind and live life to the fullest.

  • American Samoa ZIP Code

    More important than all of that, I’m a son, a husband, and a wanderer. If I don’t have a few trips on the horizon, my brain starts throwing up all sorts of red flags. My passion is visiting, hiking through, and photographing National Parks. I love cities — don’t get me wrong — but I find the greatest pleasure in exploring the places that man cannot mar.

    I’m not a big fan of recurring meetings, inefficiencies, and international roaming charges. Other than that, I love pretty much everything.

A few of the many valued clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

  • Moorea, French Polynesia

    Highlight of my reporting career? Liveblogging what would become Steve Jobs’ final keynote with the great Tim Stevens.
    Favorite piece of technology? MacBook Air.
    Favorite overall technology? Wireless broadband.
    Raddest place I’ve ever been? Three-way tie between Kauai, Hawaii; Hadahaa, Maldives; and Banff National Park.
    What’s awesome about winter? Skiing and Christmas.
    What else? Nothing.
    Favorite food? Cook-out milkshake.
    Favorite National Park? Joshua Tree in Southern California.
    Favorite airport? RDU.
    Favorite mode of transportation? An ATV in Santorini, Greece.
    Most emails received in a day? Infinity.
    Greatest fear? Another flight delay.
    Favorite sports moment? 1983 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship.
    Favorite dial-up provider? AOL.
    Favorite NASCAR driver? Brad Keselowski.
    Longest hike accomplished? Philmont with a lot of amazing Scouts.
    Coolest person I ever met? My wife.