The next creation

February 8, 2016

The Shadow Proves The Sunshine

It’s true — I’m getting back into media, and to say I’m excited is a massive understatement. It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that creating, interviewing, traveling to trade shows, and telling stories about technology that’s shaping our world is an unbridled passion. I was fortunate enough to do it with a truly extraordinary team at Engadget for over seven years, and to do it with some of the world’s most revered companies over the past two years with Weber Shandwick. Starting next month, I’ll work alongside a brilliant team at Future and techradar to bring readers stories that matter and delight.

Becoming the global editor-in-chief of techradar is a humbling thing to even type, let alone wrap my head around. I’m hugely grateful to the leadership team at Future for entrusting me with this role. The media industry has largely shaped who I have become, and some of the very best friends a guy could ever ask to find have been found right here. I have a network of people around the globe, on six continents, who I’d consider family. How fortunate is that? I’m so eager to spend more time around those that showed me the ropes in my earliest days of writing, and to meet even more creative people who share my passion for bringing fascinating stories of technology to a broader audience.

One of the things I’m most elated about is the opportunity to visit companies with amazing work to share, incredible people to highlight, and tales to uncover. I’m hopeful to see so, so many familiar faces at the world’s most meaningful events and conferences. Above all, I hope to have a lot of fun here, and regardless of whether I’ve known you from working alongside your company or elbowing the great David Pierce for that one side-angle shot of the Xbox One… get in touch!

For now, you can reach me at darrenmurph @ gmail or @darrenmurph on Twitter. Let’s do something awesome.