I wrote a book — Living The Remote Dream

May 29, 2015

I wrote a book (and you can buy it right here)!

Living The Remote Dream Cover - Darren Murph

It’s a phrase I’ve been able to say twice before (iPad Secrets and iPhone Secrets), but this time, I’m doing it on my own. Living The Remote Dream is a personal project, and it’s one that is some six months in the making (not including the decade prior, which I refer to heavily throughout). I’m ridiculously excited to get this out there, and for people from all walks of life to give it a read.

For those of you that know me, it’ll seem quite logical that I’ve penned this guide. I can’t count the requests that I’ve had over the years to document some of the insanity that transpired during my run at Engadget (during what I view was the Golden Era of tech blogging). Plus, folks from here or there would occasionally ask me to write a book on just getting things done, exploring the world, or both at the same time. So, I did exactly that.

Living The Remote Dream details my journey to make an impact in the world without being constrained by the concept of a conventional workplace. I hope this guide will enable more of us to travel the world, spend more time with our families, and be even more productive. (Make no mistake, that is not hyperbole.)

The daily commute has become an ingrained part of modern society, largely defined by what was necessary to communicate and share ideas decades ago. In the Internet age, the globe is far smaller. Connectivity is abundant, and collaborating with colleagues sitting in different continents is no longer the challenge it once was. As the walls of communication have been shattered by e-mail, video chats and telepresence solutions, it’s time that we redirect the resources we’re spending on our 9 to 5 treks.

Big Bend National Park - Living The Remote Dream

This guide delivers practical, actionable advice on how to pivot your career into a remote one. For those who long for more freedom and flexibility — and are willing to work for it — this guide is for you. For those who want a behind-the-scenes look at how a frantic 24/7 newsroom ticked for nearly a decade, this guide is for you. For those who want to actually explore the world without waiting to win the lottery or stumble onto a few years of untapped vacation, this guide is for you.

I’ve priced the e-book at just $3.99, because I want everyone to read this. For those who still prefer the texture of paper whisking through their thumbs, I’d encourage you to check out the paperback edition (which includes the e-book for free!). My lifelong pal Brian ‘Doc’ Reed — the gent that handled design for the inaugural Engadget Expand conference — worked with my wonderfully talented wife to design a cover that I’m very, very stoked about. It looks delightful in print. I’ve also crafted a landing page on my new website… you know, for those who like clicking around on the world wide web.

If you dig the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It goes a long way, and it’d mean the world to me.

Finally, I want to thank a few folks for helping me pull this off.

  • My wife, for her wondrous edits and steadfast encouragement.
  • Brian ‘Doc’ Reed, for his masterful work designing this book’s cover.
  • Tim Stevens, for providing the foreword and being an incredible friend.
  • And you — thanks so much for the support. I sincerely hope you enjoy the read.

A bit of trivia — the cover shot we settled on was taken with a Nikon D800 as the golden sun was sinking in Joshua Tree National Park. The secondary image you see here was taken at the extreme southern border of Big Bend National Park in one of the most remote areas of the entire United States. The mountain range in the back is actually Mexico. Our neighbor’s Maderas del Carmen National Park provides the iconic backdrop that many associate with the Big Bend region of Texas. We had just crossed back over the border after a day in Boquillas del Carmen — a tiny town on other side of the Rio Grande.

The saddle bag featured in both is the Brixton Leather from ONA, one of my favorite bag makers in all of the universe.