Six Years writing, and all I feel is grateful

July 10, 2012

Six years ago, my life changed. I went from working 6-3 every day to working 6-midnight. (My first post ever was published at 11:27PM after at least 5 hours of edits.)

It was a glorious day. A few people commented, the 3-4 people currently working nights at Engadget were pleased to have the help, and I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Every July 10th since, I’ve reminded myself of how fortunate I am to work at a place that gives me the kinds of opportunities that I have. I love writing about technology. I love talking to people about technology. I love seeing technology move the world forward, inch by inch, every single day. I’ve written just about 20,000 posts at this point, and it’s still just as thrilling as it ever was.

I started writing about technology before the iPhone even existed. I don’t even remember how we functioned back then. I started out with a Windows Mobile device and Netscape v1.5b. (Only partly true.) Six years later, it’s really insane to see how far the world has come, despite (still) trudging through some pretty awful times financially.

Six years is a good little while. I have Ryan Block and Peter Rojas to thank (endlessly!) for the opportunity, as well as countless Engadget editors for helping to teach me the ropes. When a work anniversary feels like a birthday, you know something’s going right. Thanks to every reader – kind and crude – that has showed up since 2006.

I owe each of you a Cook-out mikshake.