May 30, 2012 by

Aaron Sorkin on Steve Jobs

[Steve Jobs] is an extremely complicated guy, I know that for sure. Mark Zuckerberg is as well. I know this for sure: I can’t judge the character. He has to, for me, be a hero. I have to find the parts of him that are like me. I have to be able to defend this character. With someone like Steve Jobs, to put it as simply as possible, you want to write the character as if they are writing their letter to God on why they should be allowed into heaven. Engadget

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May 10, 2012 by

My humble thoughts on NC’s Amendment 1

I’ve had an exceptionally heavy heart since seeing the unfortunate results from North Carolina’s vote on Amendment 1. I usually steer clear of all things politics. I loathe politics. I’ve never gone to a ballot box trusting that any of the candidates I was voting for would have my interests – and the interests of those around me – in mind. Not once. When I vote for President in November, I can absolutely assure you that neither Obama nor Romney will get my vote with any sort of zeal. They’ll both fail me in a plethora of ways. It’s just how…

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