One day we got to see the west coast.

April 25, 2011

Just found time to listen to Emery’s latest album today, titled ‘We Do What We Want.’ Not only is it an amazing listen from top to bottom (the production is truly laudable), but the next-to-last track is a serious gem.

If you aren’t familiar with me as a human, I’m a travel addict. I’ve been on around 35 flights so far in 2011, and will make two more tomorrow en route to PHX. But this trip is different. I’ll be taking my bro-in-law along with my lovely wife, and it’ll be the former’s first trip on an airplane, and his first time landing in the western half of America.

Couldn’t possibly be more excited. The Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park and Joshua Tree National Park are all on the agenda, and we’ll probably make a stop in Jerome as well. I fully intend to photograph the heck out of everything we see, and I’m pumped beyond belief that my kid bro won’t have to live another month saying “I never got to see the west coast.”

P.S. – I took that shot above in Jan. 2010 with about four other souls in the park.