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GUINNESS WORLD RECORD as the planet’s most prolific professional blogger. A never-ending desire to travel and explore new cultures. A career of telling stories about transformative technologies.

And, of course, sweet tea and SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY.

Authoring ‘Living The Remote Dream’ was just the start. If you or your organization would like to reach out for consulting or speaking engagements, drop me a line at DARREN@DARRENMURPH.COM.


Living The Remote Dream

I’ve spent over a decade working remotely while earning a Guinness World Record in my field of employment. All the while, I’ve been able to visit over 40 countries and work with countless clients on projects that were both varied and invigorating.

This book is part autobiography, part how-to guide. I want the world to look at work differently. I want the daily commute for the sake of commuting to end. I want to teach you to work from anywhere, and get more out of life. That’s why I priced it at just $2.99.


Editorial Portfolio

My educational background is in business, though I share a passion for storytelling. I’ve spent my career writing about technology, culture, and the role that each play in enhancing the other. I penned over six million words for Engadget over a 7+ year span, and continue to contribute reviews, columns, and opinion pieces.

My work has also been featured at Gear Patrol, BGR, Popular Science, Motorola, Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom owner’s magazine, Oprah.com, Gadling, Thrillist, ShermansTravel, and DayZipping. I have appeared on ABC, PBS, CTV and NBC television and radio programs.


Consulting and Strategy

As founder and CEO of Page 52 Consulting (and formerly as SVP, Editorial Strategy at Weber Shandwick), I interface with global clients in consumer technology, futuristic development, automotive, and everything in between. A deep understanding of business goals and market sensitivities — combined with immense knowledge of how media and consumers alike react to products and marketing — enables me to advise at the intersection of marketing and development.

I’ve worked as an independent consultant to develop product and outreach plans for clients such as Samsung, SwiftKey, SnapPower, and NextWorth. Hopefully, your firm is next.

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